Our Deacons
CGBC is honored to have five men currently serving the church in the office of Deacon.  Their faithfulness to the Word, the
ministry and their pastor is one of the key factors in the continued forward direction of the ministry.  Each man possesses a
spirit of cooperation and willingness to serve that is one of the trademarks of a Biblical deacon.  That spirit provides the
ministry with confidence and unity, as it continues to reach out ever farther to a world in need of a Saviour.  

The chairman of our deacons is Brother Stan Hostetter.  He is joined in this ministry by:  Brother Hurley Walker, Brother
John Miller, Brother James Smithey, and Brother Phil Fagg.  Each man, having given testimony of their faith and trust in
Jesus Christ, has proven himself faithful to the Lord in their personal lives as well as service to the Lord here at CGBC.  
They carry a zeal for souls and sound doctrine that supports our purpose and vision.

Brother Mansfield Ball, Brother Jim (Aaron) Zeimer and Brother Buford Milsaps have gone home to be with the Lord during
the past fourteen years.  Each man served faithfully as a deacon for many years.  We are thankful for their service to the
people and ministry of CGBC.