In May of 2001, the Lord led Pastor Moore to bring in Brother Jimmy Milsaps, a pastor in western North Carolina, to introduce Faith Promise missions to our congregation. Having been
introduced to the Biblical teaching in the 1990's, he had seen the power of this Biblical concept in reaching the world with the Gospel. This first conference led to a yearly Missions
Conference which has seen our missions commitment grow ten fold. We have had many wonderful men of God share their heart and wisdom concerning Biblical missions:  Brother Allen
Barker, Brother Stinnett Ballew, Brother Tony Howeth, Brother Sam Caudill.

Faith Promise
God has used this teaching and preaching to strengthen our faith and increase our vision. It has taught us that it is only through faith that we can please the Lord - faith in our going and
faith in our giving.  We have also been privileged to personally be a part of missions works in Mexico (three building projects), Canada (canvassed 7,000 homes), Merced, California
(canvassed 5,000 homes), Honduras (preaching in MANY different churches and MULTIPLE building projects), Guatemala (building and preaching), El Salvador (preaching) and
Nicaragua (preaching).  Faith truly is the victory that overcomes the world.  It is also the victory that reaches the world.