Seth Siceloff serves as an
Assistant to the Pastor.  He and his
wife, Tabetha, teach the Teen
Sunday School as well as
coordinate and direct all of the
activities for the
TGFC Youth
Ministry.  This includes youth
meetings, summer camps, as well
as boys and girls overnighters,
special camps, and the annual
"Boot Camp" for young men.  Seth
also leads our adult choir and he
and Tabetha work in our Master
Club's ministry.  They are joined in
ministry by three precious children
- Kaitlyn, Elijah and Anna Belle.  It
is an honor to have this
hard-working, dedicated, visionary
young couple as a part of our
Stan Hostetter serves as our
Junior Church pastor, director of
our bus ministry, as well as
chairman of our deacons and
assistant adult Sunday school
teacher.  He also leads our
ministry outreach into the local
juvenile prison. He is an invaluable
asset to the ministry.  
Brother Stan and Mrs. Carol have
a compassionate heart of service
for the Lord.  They love the
ministry of CGBC and every
individual that makes up the body.  
God is truly using this family in a
marvelous way to touch and
change lives on the mountain.
Philip Moore is the Pastor of
CGBC, serving with his wife Angela
and their seven children:  Caleb
(now married to Rebekah), Isaac,
Luke, Ethan, Abigail, Gideon,
Lydia.  Pastor Moore arrived at
CGBC in March of 2000 with a
three-fold passion - Salvation of
souls, Sanctification of the saved,
Service for our Saviour.  

God has blessed this vision and
continues to work in a miraculous
way in this ministry.  He has
strengthened the foundation and
brought in many new families to
the work.  God has opened doors
to new ministries that have allowed
the influence of CGBC and the
power of the gospel to reach
literally around the world.
Tom Sheeler is the grounds
keeper for CGBC.  It is truly Tom’s
passion to make the grounds glow
for every service.  As one recent
visitor observed, “Your ‘steward’
sure does a wonderful job keeping
the grounds.”  And without a doubt
he does.  It is not a job for Brother
Tom, but a ministry.  His dedication
and service are marked not in
minutes but in hours.  We thank
God for sending Brother Tom to
Cherry Grove.  Tom is supported
in ministry by his wife Mary-Ann.
Randy and Diane McCann have
served as custodians of the church
for many years.  We are very
grateful for the care they give the
buildings God has blessed us to
worship and serve Him in.  With the
bustling activity in the main
auditorium, Sunday School
facilities, fellowship hall and the
Mansfield Ball Auditorium (the
home of our teen Sunday School
and Junior church) it requires a
great deal of time and devotion to
maintain. Randy also serves as
our lead sound man as well as
teaching the 5/6 year old Sunday
School with Diane.  Diane serves
as the director of our exciting
Children's Choir.  God has truly
blessed the work of CGBC with this
hard-working family.
Kathy Fagg has served as a
part-time church secretary/clerk
since 2007. Working a full-time job,
she does an outstanding job
assisting the pastor and treasurer.
She has truly been a tremendous
blessing and has had her work cut
out for her trying to keep
everything organized in a very,
very busy ministry.  We are so very
thanful for her selfless service to
the ministries of CGBC.
Angela Moore, wife of Pastor
Moore, coordinates and plans the
women's ministry at CGBC, as well
as assisting in VBS, managing our
missionary correspondence and
information, the coordination and
direction of our annual Men's
Conference meal (averaging 400 -
700 men), and a myriad of other
seen and unseen tasks in the
ministry.  It is so true that behind
every successful Pastor, stands a
woman of God of great faith and
faithfulness to her husband and
her family.  Mrs. Angela is an
encouragement to all of our
women who seek to follow and
honor the Lord with their lives.  
She is truly a blessing to the
ministry of CGBC.  
James Smithey serves as our
Sunday School Superintendent,
one of our deacons, as well as
teaching one of our adult Sunday
school classes.  He and his wife,
Diane have served the Lord for
many years at CGBC and have
been a great encouragement and
example to our flock.  James has
travelled on many of our missions
trips and his son,
Jamie (along with
wife Erica and their three children),
will soon be leaving to be
church-planting missionaries in the
country of Chile, South America.
Phil Fagg serves as special
assistant to the pastor, as well as
teaching one of our adult Sunday
school classes, serving as a
deacon and currently as the CGBC
treasurer.  He is a very
compassionate man of God who
has a passion for the Word and
reaching the World with the
gospel.  A man of like faith, like
vision, and like passion, he and his
wife, Kathy, are a vital part of the
ministry of CGBC.
Caleb & Rebekah Moore work
with all of the music and musicians
of CGBC, coordinating the special
music for each service and playing
for the adult choir.  God has
blessed us with many talented
musicians and Caleb seeks to
encourage and strengthen the
music ministry of CGBC through
his passion for the Lord and
music.  We are very grateful for
adding Rebekah to our church
family, as she and Caleb were
married in January of 2014.  She is
a talented musician and singer
who contributes much to the music
ministry as well.  They also assist
in the Potter's Clay adult Sunday
school class and the Master Club's
JImmy Transeau serves as
assistant bus director and
oversees our little 'fleet' - currently
six vehicles.  Jimmy, his wife,
Queenie and Kim have a deep and
sincere love for CGBC and the
children and adults who we are
privileged to minister to through
the bus ministry.  They work
tirelessly to make sure things stay
up and running.  Their servants
heart is a blessing to all.
Lisa Billings serves as the
director of our nursery ministry.  
She is assisted by an
ever-changing list of ladies, young
and not-so-young, who sacrifice of
their time to love and care for all of
the children from newborn to two
years of age.  A sometimes
thankless and forgotten ministry,
Lisa does an outstanding job
loving the children and working
with her staff of volunteer workers.  
She is a great asset to CGBC
along with her "God is Good"
husband, Jake.
Steve Moore serves as director
of our Missions outreach, assistant
Sunday School superintendant, as
well as teaching one of our adult
Sunday School classes.  Steve has
a very tender heart for the Lord in
the area of missions and has
travelled to many foreign countries
on our mission endeavors.  His
servants heart and teachable spirit
have allowed him to become a
solid worker and contributor
among the leadership of CGBC.  
Gale Holbrook serves as the
director of our Master Club's
ministry, to children three years old
through sixth grade.  With years of
service in the law enforcement
community, he has a deep desire
to see children taught and cared
for in a Christ-like manner,
knowing that it could make a major
difference in their lives.  He is
joined in this ministry by his wife,
Diane, and a great team of
couples committed to caring for
and teaching children the Word of
Archie and Ann Moore are
currently working with the pastor
on developing a senior's ministry
at CGBC.  They have a gift and
ability to make people feel cared
for and loved.  We have a fantastic
group of senior's who I know will be
challenged and blessed by this
new ministry.  They also lead our
Faith Builder's adult Sunday
school class.  We are thankful for
their love, support and tireless
devotion to CGBC.